New Years Rotten Eve

Radisson Star Plaza, Merrillville, Indiana, USA - 12/29/1997.

HTML, Scanning, Animation, and Most Photos by Bryan Erickson.
The background design is from a scan of an actual red paper streamer that shot out from above the stage near the end of the show.

Matching tour buses outside the Star Plaza.
(Check out the sign again once the whole page has loaded.)

SickThings Brian Gaddis (Left) and Brad Devine (Right) before the show.
They met Alice in the lobby of the hotel in Grand Rapids, MI the next day.

My friend Joy from Illinois just after the show.
She got the poster signed by Alice and met him the next morning at breakfast.

SickThings after the show (from left to right):
Kevin, James (Migraine), Kurt, Susie, Renfield, and Bryan.
Note the LitD CD & SO LP on the table. Ren got Alice to autograph them for me.
Photo shot by Susie's husband, Kenny.

Another shot of the Sickies at the Khaki Club.

SickThing James Saqui "Migraine" after the show.

Guitarist Ryan Roxie (with the hat), and soundman Steev.
Ryan autographed my ticket stub.

Bass Player Todd Jensen.
He also autographed the ticket stub.

Bryan Erickson (KoZmiK KaTman) and Alice's Assistant Brian Nelson (Renfield).

Bryan Erickson (KoZmik KaTman) and Alice's Road Manager Toby Mamis.

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