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The Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend

August 7th - 9th, 1998
Clarion, Iowa

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August 8, 1998 videos shot by Bryan "KaTman" Erickson:

I am sorry to all the fans that the Michael Bruce videos have been removed by me from YouTube. For eight years I've had this footage available to share with fans, and by putting them on YouTube I was only doing the same as I have always done by sharing this with you all. However MB's former manager who was aware of this openly free trading and never ever previously informed me of any objections to it, tried to go behind my back to have YouTube shut down my account claiming that he owns all rights to any MB performance from this time period. It saddens me that personal hateful vendettas have been used to rob this footage away from all fans. I'm quite sure that Michael Bruce himself still doesn't at all mind me sharing his footage with you.

Here's some footage from the night that doesn't include Michael Bruce performances:

Mike Flynn, Skip Ladd and Mike Postel perform Rock My Plimsoul

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