** Feedback in Aliceland! **

Some comments received at this site so far:

"Well now that you're a seasoned vet, I expect to see you at more of these happenings as your family now. Glad you could be be there and keep in touch. Your good old road buddy," - Michael Bruce

"Hope your world is treating you right!!" - Ryan Roxie (sometimes Guitarist for Alice Cooper)

"Thanks again for coming to the funeral. It was great to meet you." - Janice Buxton Davison (Glen's Sister)

"I am a regular visitor" - Ingo Geirdal from Iceland (Lead Guitarist of Stripshow)

"I want to thank so much for helping me relive a very special evening in my life" - Sharon Armato

"THANK YOU for the GB page. The pictures are excellent." - Ray Ieronimo

"You have done an excellent job for something none of us were prepared for" - Tim Shockley

"[Bryan] gave all of us Sickthings a chance to share in the event, and say 'goodbye' to Glen. Thanks for representing all of us [at the funeral], Bryan. - Debbie Amato

"Thanks to Bryan for playing the roving reporter" - Gary Brown

"Can I have your kind permission to use the pictures of Glen on my site?" - Antony John (From the Inside Web Site)

"Thanks for putting those pictures up - very nice job" - Norm Marier

"Thanks for the Photos you scanned in for us who missed out on the Houston gig" - Frank Kopperdal

"Cool Photos! Looking good!" - Mark Ratcliffe

"Maybe you can give me some tips on how to meet Alice so I can slobber 'I am not worthy' on his boots" - Michele Mellor

"Thanks for a great site and the chance to finally SEE some people I've only enountered in cyberspace so far!" - Tom Filsinger

"Your web site is good!" - Mel Myers

"The Glen Buxton site and webring is as fine an example as I have seen." - Dane S. Jester ('Blazing Candles Publishing' BMI)

"Glen Buxton was the best!!!" - Danny Perkins (Backstage Productions)

"Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed visiting your wonderful web page! It is indeed very cool to see such a wonderful site built around the great Glen Buxton and The Alice Cooper Band. Many Thanks for your wonderful work on this page...simply fantastic!" - Veidt

"Great to see you." - Richie Scarlet (The Emporer of Rock'n'Roll)

"I like your website, it's the first time I actually saw a scan of 'Me, Alice'. - Dan Mittelstaedt

"I like your site." - Steven McClung

"You did a fine job.-It's nice to see someone out there that understands what Alice is all about." - Mark Couron (President,CEO - Galaxy2020 Marketing, Inc.)

"I am very impressed with your Alice web site. I think it's one of the best out there." - Michael McDermott

"Your website is very very nice." -

"Great site! Love the pics!" - Darren Priske

"'Wonders' is a killer site." - Dave Woodring

"Keep up the good work." - Andy Michael

"You've done a wonderful job on your Glen Buxton page "Wonders in Aliceland" and I just wanted to thank you for it, especially since I couldn't make it to the memorial weekend. I really enjoyed the pic's!" - David Watson (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

"Glen is one of the worlds most underraited guitar players his scarry double bends are the shit! end of story!" - flipp

"Glen we miss you! and it's great to see a site dedacated to the man. Keep up the great work." - Steven

"I love the page! I always return to look for updates. It is one of the best Alice Cooper group pages on the net! Remember G.B!" - Erik from Sweden (Owner of Halo of Flies Web Page)

"A great site!! This is a fitting tribute to one of the most underrated guitarists who inspired me to play. Keep up the good work!" - Reiner Perski

"After I found your web site I was hooked on it for days. One of the best that have visited in a long time." - Mark B.

"Great pics from the CoopersTown. You can see Alice is loving it..what a huge grinn." - Hans

"Thanks for the Buxton site. I could tell it was a labor of love for you and I appreciate that. Just saw the posted GBMW pics at the site... TRULY AMAZING JOB POSTING THEM BUDDY!" - Perry

"This is a really great site with awesome pictures." - Adam (from the airplane)

"This is one of the BEST sites I have seen. Keep up the good work!" - Souzan

"Just wanted to say thanks for the list and thanks for the web page and all the information!!" - Nancy Jewer

"Like ALL TRUE Alice fans, I was greatly upset by Glen's untimely death, and the world in general, not just the music world, is a much sadder place for him going. This is the first time I have actually cried whilst using the Internet, what amazing pictures, I'll be a regular visitor, just one touch of regret, what a great shame that the band didn't get together before we lost Glen, they will always be the best band Alice ever had. Very best wishes to Glen's family, and ALL his English fans will always remember him. REST IN PEACE GLEN, we miss you terribly. - Tony Smith from England."

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