Related 12" Vinyl

Army Reserve Radio Program Sampler (includes Nightbird & Co. with Alice)
Metalshop - Radio's Weekly Metal Magazine (Week of Sept. 19, 1986 with Feature Interview with Alice)
CBS RadioRadio - Rock Connections with Mike Harrison (July 4, 1986)
Zapped (1970 WB/Straight Compilation with 2 Alice Cooper Songs)
Flash Fearless vs the Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 (Promo Copy. Includes Two AC Songs)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Soundtrack w/ Alice song)
Medicine Ball Caravan (Features Black Juju)
Electrocution of the Heart by Deadringer (Band Includes Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway)
Flat Out by Buck Dharma (Includes Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway)
Beyond the Valley of 1984 by The Plasmatics (Includes Neal Smith. Autographed by Band and Neal.)
Change of Address (by Krokus) (A Cover of School's Out)
Swept Away by Steve Hunter
The Deacon by Steve Hunter

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