Alice Cooper 12" Vinyl

Nice Guys Sleep Alone (2 LP Bootleg)
This Sweet Sickness (2 LP Bootleg)
A Man Called Alice (2 LP's - Muscle of Love & Lace and Whiskey)
Toronto Rock'n'Roll Revival 1969, Volume IV Picture Disk
Pretties for You (Promo Copy with Straight Label)
Easy Action
Love It to Death (Thumb Cover) (1 Autographed by GB & MB)
Love It to Death
Star Collection (Love it to Death - Germany) (Sealed)
Killer (4 Copies, 2 with Calendar)
School's Out (w/Panties)
Greatest Hits (1 Autographed by AC, GB, MB & NS)
Billion Dollar Babies (with $1 Billion Bill & Photo/Lyrics Sleeve) (w/Photo Cards Intact)
Muscle of Love - Quadradisc (with Corrugated Cover)
Muscle of Love (with Corrugated Cover, 1 Autographed by AC, GB, NS & MB)
Battle Axe (by Billion Dollar Babies) (1 Autographed by MB, NS & DD and 1 White Label promo)
Welcome to My Nightmare (1 with Promo Sticker)
Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
Lace & Whiskey
From the Inside
Special Forces
Flush The Fashion
Zipper Catches Skin
Trash Picture Disk
Trash (Promo Copy)

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