Glen Buxton Memorial Video
GBMW Jam for GB at Little Willies (8/8/98 with Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, and Others)
Cooper'sTown Grand Opening Jam (12/19/98 with Alice, Michael Bruce & Neal Smith)
Cooper'sTown GMBW '99 Jam (Alice, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith & Dennis Dunaway)
GBMW '99 Private Jam (Michael Bruce, Neal Smith & Dennis Dunaway)
Welcome To My Nightmare (1975 Concert. Original release.)
The Muppet Show: Monster Laughs with Vincent Price (Special Guest: Alice Cooper)
Good To See You Again Alice Cooper (1973 Concert)
The Strange Case of Alice Cooper (1979 Concert)
French Televison (1974) (36 Minutes)
Alice Cooper A Paris (French TV Special 1981)
Detroit Tubeworks (1971) (27 Minutes)
Rock-A-Bye (7 Minutes with Dead Babies Live)
BBC Televison - Beat Club (1972) (14 Minutes)
Mid-Summer Rock (Cincinatti Pop Fest 1970. Alice Cooper, Stooges, Grand Funk, Mountain)
Love It to Death tour 1971 (B&W - 35 Minutes)
The Nightmare TV Special
Tomorrow Show (1981)
In Concert '91
Alice Cooper & Friends
Midnight Special Tribute (1976) (Highlights of Previous Shows)
Poison Promo
American Music Awards (1989)
Portrait of a Legend (Interview and Live Clips)
Something Wilder
Video Tour of Paul Brenton's Remember the Coop Museum
Monster Dog (1986 Movie Starring Alice - 88 Minutes)
Roadie (Movie with Alice Parts as Himself)
The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years (Documentary Movie with Alice Interviews)
Wayne's World (with Appearance by Alice Cooper)
Sextette (1979 Movie with Acting/Singing Appearance by Alice Cooper)
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978 Acting/Singing Appearance by Alice Cooper)
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1992 Movie with Acting Appearance by Alice Cooper)
Shocker: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Movie Produced by Alive with Appearance by Kane Roberts)
Maverick (199? "Extra" Appearance by Alice in Bar Room Scene) (3 Seconds)
Dazed and Confused (1993 Movie with School's Out and No More Mr. Nice Guy)
The Nightmare Returns (1986 Concert)
Wrestlemania III (Alice Accompanies Wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts, March 29, 1987)
Video Trash (Promo Videos of Poison, House of Fire, and Bed of Nails. 1990)
Trashes the World (1990 Concert)
Operation Rock and Roll (Hey Stoopid, Billion Dollar Babies Live) (1991 Tour Promo)
Prime Cuts (1991 Documentary)
Hard'N'Heavy Volume 1 (with Alice Cooper)
Hard'N'Heavy Volume 3 (with Alice Cooper)
Hard'N'Heavy Volume 7 (with Alice Cooper)
Hard'N'Heavy Volume 15 (with Alice Cooper)
Have A Nice Day Vol. 2 (Includes Eighteen)
RuPaul Show (Alice Interview) (T)
London Astoria (July 9, 1997 Concert)
St. Paul, Minnesota (August 3, 1997 Concert)
Mesa, Arizona (August 26, 1997 Concert)
San Diego, California (June 22, 1998 Concert)
Bakersfield, California (September 1, 1999 Concert)
Detroit, Michigan (September 3, 2000 Concert)
VH-1 Cabo Wabo Special (1997 Concert)
VH-1 Where are They Now: Bad Boys
VH-1 Behind the Music: Alice Cooper
VH-1 The List with Guest Alice Cooper
VH-1 Rock Collectors with Brian (Renfield) Nelson's Alice Cooper Collection
Tonight Show with Jay Leno Appearance
MTV's Headbangers Ball with short Alice Cooper spoken segment and Poison video
Space Ghost Coast to Coast cartoon featuring short Alice appearance
Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular with short Alice appearance
The History of Rock'n'Roll: The 70's
Sondra Station (Sweden) Alice Interview
A to Z of Rock (Sweden) Alice Infomercial
Daily Live Show (Sweden) Alice Interview
Grand Hotel Press Conference 1987
Ann Lingori (Golf Channel) Alice Interview
Michael Bruce 1970's Home Movies
Josiah Bruce Band in Flagstaff, Arizona (A Michael Bruce Band)
Red House Sessions (1997 Studio Footage of Michael Bruce with Richie Scarlet) (Autographed)
Pineywoodstock (1997 Michael Bruce Concert - Same as "The Exile")
Area 51 (1997 Michael, Neal, Glen, & Richie Scarlet Concert. Private Unedited Copy)
Michael Bruce, Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway with Joe Bouchard at New York KISS Expo '99
Michael Bruce and Dennis Dunaway playing at Chiller Theatre Convention 10/99 (Two Songs)
East Texas Experience (1997 Michael Bruce Rehearsals)
Houston Record Show (1997 Michael, Neal, Glen, and Richie Scarlet Signing Appearance)
Michael Bruce Group "Caught In The Act" at Cardi's Club in Houston, Texas
Michael Bruce Group May 9th, 1998 at The Outback Pub in Houston, Texas
Michael Bruce Group at Riley's Rock House in Aurora, Illinois
Michael Bruce at KISS Expo in Hackensack, NJ
Don't Blame Me (by Ozzy Osbourne) (Features Interviews with Alice Cooper)
Mason City, Iowa News Broadcast Coverage of Glen Buxton Funeral (Video of TV screen)
The Happy Haunting of Halloween (With Alice Cooper Interview Segments)

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