Concert Tickets

May 13, 1973 at San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California (Unused)
June 19, 1978 at Anahiem Stadium in Anahiem, California (3 Unused)
Jan. 6, 1987 at Charleston Municipal Auditorium in Charleston, West Virginia
July 27, 1991 at the Summit (now The Compaq Center) in Houston, Texas (Used by Me)
Aug. 11, 1991 at Lake Compounce (2 Unused)
Aug. 3, 1996 at Great Woods (now Tweeter Center) in middle Massachusetts (Used by Me)
Aug. 2, 1997 at New World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, Illinois (Used by Me)
Aug. 3, 1997 Civic Center Parking Ramp Ticket in St. Paul, Minnesota (Lost my concert ticket)
Aug. 8, 1997 at Eagles Ballroom (AKA The Rave) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Used by Me)
Aug. 9, 1997 at Oakwood Theatre in Oakland City, Indiana (Used by Me)
Aug. 22, 1997 at Dallas Music Complex in Dallas, Texas (Used by Me)
Aug. 23, 1997 at Retama Polo Center in San Antonio, Texas (Used by Me)
Aug. 24, 1997 at The Woodlands in Texas (N. of Houston) (Used by Me)
Sept. 13, 1997 Michael Bruce at Pineywoodstock (Autographed by Michael) in Nacodoches, Texas
Dec. 29, 1997 at Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana (Autographed by Reb, Ryan & Todd)
March 28, 1998 Michael Bruce Group debut at Cardi's Club in Houston, Texas
July 17, 1998 at RockFest '98 in Cadott, Wisconsin (Used by Me)
July 21, 1998 at Kalamazoo State Theatre in Kalamazoo, Michigan (Used by Me)
July 22, 1998 at Metro in Chicago, Illinois (Used by Me)
July 23, 1998 at Medina Ballroom in Medina, Minnesota (Unused. I Was There)
July 24, 1998 at Rivercade in Chatauqua Park in Sioux City, Iowa (Unused. I Was There)
Sept. 4, 1998 at Trump Marina in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Used by Me)
Sept. 5, 1998 at Trump Marina in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Used by Me)
Sept. 12, 1998 Michael Bruce Group at Pineywoodstock in Nacogdoches, Texas
Oct. 3, 1998 at Six Flags Astroworld in Houston (Used by Me)
Oct. 4, 1998 at House of Blues in New Orleans (Used by Me)
Oct. 30, 1998 at Chiller Theatre in Secaucus, New Jersey (With MB, NS & DD)
Dec. 21, 1998 at Pompano Beach Amphitheatre in Pompano Beach, Florida (2, Used by Me)
Sept. 3, 1999 at The Joint (Hard Rock Hotel) in Las Vegas, Nevada (2, 1 Used by Me)
Oct. 2, 1999 at Trump Marina in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Used by Me)
Oct. 3, 1999 at Trump Marina in Atlantic City, New Jersey (3, 1 Used by Me)
Oct. 9, 1999 at Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri (Used by Me)
Oct. 15, 1999 at Bronco Bowl Arena in Dallas, Texas (Used by Me)
Oct. 16, 1999 at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Lone Star Lil's) in San Antonio, Texas (3, 1 Used by Me)
May 18, 2000 at Web Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona (Used by Me)
Oct. 7, 2000 at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Unused - Show Canceled)
Sept. 3, 2000 at Michigan State Fair in Detroit, Michigan (Used by Me)
Sept. 5, 2000 at Stranahan Theater in Todelo, Ohio (Used by Me)
Oct. 30, 2000 at Foxwoods Resort Casino Fox Theatre in Connecticut (3, 2 Used - 1 by Me)
Oct. 31, 2000 at Roseland Ballroom in New York, New York (Used by Me)

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