Alice Cooper Goes to Hell (Long Sleeves)
Lace & Whiskey (Like the B&W Book Cover)
Raise Your Fist and Yell Tour (1987)
The Nightmare Returns Tour
Trash (1990)
Trashes the Marquee
Hey Stoopid Tour (1991) (Album Cover on Black)
Hey Stoopid Tour (1991) (Deathshead Skull on White)
Operation Rock & Roll Tour (1991)
School's Out (1991)
School's Out 1996 Tour (1996)
Carnival Tour (1997)
Carnival Tour (1998. Comic/Certificate)
Carnival Tour (1998. We're Not Worthy)
Carnival Tour (1999. Billion Dollar Babies)
New Years Rotten Eve (1997)
New Years Rotten Eve (1998)
Sick Things 2nd Edition
Cooper's Troopers
Good to See You Again Movie Ad
Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend (Grey)
Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend (White)
Michael Bruce Group at the Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend
Alice Cooper (with Black Top Hat on White - by GEM)
Neal Smith Classick Drummer Collection - Trashing Chrome Slingerland Set (Autographed by Neal)
RockFest '98 (Autographed by Alice & his enitre band; Reb, Pete, Todd, Derek & Eric)
Signatures Superstars: "Elected" XL
Signatures Superstars: From the Inside
Signatures Superstars: "Insanity" ALice in Straight Jacket
Signatures Superstars: Alice with Cane
Signatures Superstars: 2 Superimposed Alice Images
1999 Tour Glow in the Dark Tourture 2000
1999 Tour Billion Dollar Babies
Custom www.GlenBuxton.com Love It to Death with Autographs
Guttercat (ACG)
Halloween 2000
Halloween 2000 New York City
Alice Cooper / Montgomery Racing

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