My Alice Cooper Collection

These are some of the items I've collected. It's not the world's largest collection, but it's been growing. I no longer make trades, because it was too difficult to inventory everything and update the site accordingly. However, I now offer items via my online store The KoZmiK KaTHouSe!

Due to the increasing size of the list, items are now are categorized and listed on separate pages. This hopefully will allow for easier updating, quicker loading and more details.

I'm proud to say that many of the scans of my collection found here are now seen in print in the Dale Sherman book "The Illustrated Collectors Guide to Alice Cooper" (Click on title for more information).

Video (85)

DVD (8)

Alice Cooper CD's (74)

CD EP's/Singles (11)

Related CD's (79)

Alice Cooper 12" Vinyl (26)

12" Vinyl Singles/EP's (16)

7" Singles (47)

Related 12" Vinyl (13)

Cassettes (35)

Books/Comics (30)

Magazines (57)

T-Shirts (38)

Concert Tickets (41)

Passes, Picks, and Sticks (44)

Posters (23)

Cooperstown Memorabilia (10)

Many Other Miscellaneous Items (126)

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