Cardi's Club

Houston, Texas, USA 3/28/1998 (Michael Bruce Group Debut)

HTML and Scanning by Bryan Erickson.
Photos by Bryan Erickson and Gary Brown.

Cardi's Inside Sign

Left: Sick Thing Gary Brown, Right: Drummer Dude with Neal Smith Tattoo on His Arm

Left: Alice Tribute Artist Scott Rowe, Right: The Emporer's Salute

Left to Right: Scott Rowe, Bryan Erickson, Richie Scarlet

Palling around with the Emporer

The Girls

Left: Michael Bruce, Right: Joe Bates (Seperated at Birth?)

Fans Bryan Erickson, Joe Bates, and someone named Judson

Opener Joey C. Jones Rockin' the House

MB and Richie Jam on a Sound Check

The Show Begins

Micheal, and Wil Hudgens on Bass

Dave on Guitar, Wil, and Michael

"Mommy, Where's Daddy??!?"

Gettin' Down!

Michael on Lead Guitar

MB and Richie Scarlet Jam Hard Together

The Emporer on Lead Guitar

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